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1. Match the words with their definitions

1.Single parent a. when you don’t do things for yourself
2.The break down of families b. just one parent either a mother or a father
3.For the sake of … c. British  conservative party
4.Pretty tough d. relatively  severe
5.Skeletons in the closet e. when parents get divorced or separate
6.tory f. uncomfortable secrets people try to hide

1.     At what age do British people think their children should go to school on their own?

a. Five years old           b.  eight years old            c.  eleven years old

2.     Put in order what make people most happy:

Friends Hobbies Family job

3.     What percentage of people said that their jobs made them happy?


4.     How many people said they would stay together for the sake of their children?

a. Two thirds           b.    one third         c.   four thirds

5.     How many people would report their relatives to the police if they thought they had committed a crime?

a. 80%          b. 85%         c. 84%

6.     Write down some examples of the skeletons people have in their closets.


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