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BBC Extra: Hector’s Arrival

This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London. They have a neighbour, Nick. Nick fancies Bridget. But Annie fancies Nick. That’s the way it is until Bridget gets a letter from Argentina. Stand by for Extra.

Download the activitites EXTR@ – episode 1

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Here you can find some very good posts to learn and revise about Past Tenses in English.



4. Past Simple, Past continuous or Past Perfect: Activities

5. More activities

Tutorial on Past Simple and Progressive:


Tutorial on the Past Perfect:


Watch this video and answer the following questions:
1. What happened last night?
2. What explanation does Mr. Wax give to the reporter?
3. Our Neighbours, Our Lives: What was the man doing last night?
a) Getting out of a taxi.
b) Eating dinner.
c) Cooking dinner.
4. What happened at 151 River Street yesterday afternoon?