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This year we are going to take part in a digital exchange with a school from the USA: Colorado Rocky Mountain School from Colorado. This project is addressed to my students of 1º Bach

A. Rules of the program and expectation

1. The participation in the exchange will be compulsory, it will be part of your evaluation and, therefore, it will have a percentage of your final mark (10% writing + 10% speaking)

2. Open an account in Edmodo and set up your profile (in Spanish)

3. Once you were assigned a penpal you must keep a regular correspondence, at least a message per week. (The guidelines for writing will be dealed in class)

4. Once a week you will have to write a report about your penpal relation, interesting information, your thoughts about culture and custom of your American mate, etc.

5. You will be sent also different group tasks like record audios and videos for sharing with the other class in USA

B. How to join to Edmodo

1. Go to

2. Click on estudiante (student)

3. Enter this code tibf6d in the código del grupo box (group code). Type your personal information and pick a password.

4. Once inside go to account > preferences, upload your picture clicking in examinar (browse)

5. Your first publication go to inicio and type in escribe tu mensaje aquí box a short presentation about you. You must talk about:

a. Name:
b. Place of birth and residence:
c. Age:
d. Hobbies:
e. Your favorites:Book, food, sport, film…

choose a user as destinatary and click on enviar (submit).

¡Congratulations you are part of the language exchange between CRMS-NSM-IESSG!